Are you experiencing audio Issues with your BrainTap Headset?

This article will help troubleshoot audio issues with your BrainTap Headset. (No audio, distortion in the audio, sound only playing in one ear, static, Etc.)

If the BrainTap audio session begins to sound distorted while listening, it could mean that the BrainTap Headset® is low on power. Try plugging the headset in overnight to ensure it is fully charged and ready to use in the morning.

  • Power Status:
The charging indicator light can be found on the bottom of the right earphone, next to the charging port on the BrainTap Headset®.

Turn the BrainTap Headset® ON. Verify the color of the charging indicator light:
Green 💚- Full power
Amber 🔶- Low power

Note: Upon turning the BrainTap Headset® to the ON position, the earphone lights should come on. If the headset is unplugged from the charging cord, and you do not see any indicator light this means it has sufficient power.  If you do not see any lights in the earphones or charging light, the headset is completely dead and will need to be charged overnight.

When you begin charging the BrainTap Headset®, this charging indicator light will show RED until fully charged. When the charging indicator light is GREEN, the headset is ready to use.

Play a BrainTap audio session of your choice to verify sound quality

Note: When verifying the sound quality, try using different audio sessions to ensure the issue is not the audio file itself. 


  • Audio Cord Check:

    Verify the audio cord is properly connected to the BrainTap Headset®, as well as your audio player by pushing the audio cord fully into place. Play a BrainTap audio session of your choice to verify sound quality.
    Note: If you have a case on your smartphone or tablet, try removing the case as this may limit a full connection between the audio cord and the audio player.

    If the audio cord is properly connected and distortion continues, repeat step 2 with a new audio cord.

  • Reset Bluetooth Connection:

    If you are connected via Bluetooth, disconnect and forget BrainTap in your Bluetooth settings. Then, reconnect your device and play a BrainTap audio session of your choice.

If the issue persists, turn off the audio player and restart. Try using another audio player (smartphone or tablet), if available, to ensure the issues can be duplicated.


Contact our Customer Success Team if the above steps do not resolve audio quality issues. or (302) 721-6677 (Mon-Fri 9 AM - 6 PM EST)