Are You Experiencing Issues with the Visor Lights When Using an Audio Cord?

This article will help troubleshoot visor light issues experienced when using the audio cord

The troubleshooting steps will depend if you are using a "Dongle" attachment

  1. Double-check and ensure the audio cord is properly connected to the device you are using
  2. If you have a case on your smartphone or tablet, try removing the case, reconnecting the audio cord, and seeing if the issue continues.
  3. If you possibly have another audio cord, try switching out the audio cord to verify any issues with the actual cord itself 
  4. If you have another device (phone or tablet) try switching out the devices and confirming if the issue continues
  5. If you are using a dongle attachment, ensure the attachment is a certified attachment from Apple or Android. Sometimes non-certified attachments will not work properly 

If the issues continue, please contact our support team via phone call to troubleshoot further (302) 721-6677