Are you experiencing visor light issues with your BrainTap Headset?

This article will help troubleshoot the BrainTap Headset visor lights (Visor lights are intermittent, not flashing, brighter on one side and not the other, etc.)

Try turning the volume up to 80% on your audio player (i.e. Apple® or Android® smartphone) before playing a BrainTap session. Each of our BrainTap Pro audio sessions is embedded with Neuro-Sensory Algorithms that work with the BrainTap Headset® by triggering a unique pattern of lights in the visor when the audio session is playing. If the session is paused or turned off or if the headset is not receiving a strong audio signal from your audio player, the visor lights will be off.

  1. Find Volume Range: Since the output range can vary from one audio player to another, you will first want to find the range of the device you’re using.

    1. Start with the BrainTap Headset® in the ON position.

    2. Turn the volume on the audio player to the HIGHEST setting.

    3. Choose any BrainTap audio session and press play. You should notice the visor lights are ON.

    4. Now, slowly turn the volume on the audio player DOWN until the visor lights turn OFF. At this point, take note of where the volume is set on your audio player.

      You have now determined the operating range for that particular device, with the mid-point being optimal for listening to the BrainTap Pro app.

      Since smart devices are used for many things, be sure to check the volume setting before each use. 

  2. Adjust to Comfort: Once you have your volume set on the audio player, put on the headset. Tap the V+ or V- controls, located on the right earpiece of the BrainTap Headset®, to adjust the volume to your personal comfort level. 

  3. Select Light Intensity: There are five levels of light intensity for the BrainTap Headset® visor.

    Make sure the BrainTap Headset® is in the ON position, an audio session is playing, and the audio player is set within its proper range (as outlined in Item 1 above).

    The BrainTap Headset® is pre-set to start at the lowest light intensity level. If you prefer a brighter setting, simply tap the light adjustment button, located next to the volume controls on the right earpiece, until you have found the setting most comfortable for you. If the setting you choose becomes uncomfortable at any time during your BrainTap session, simply tap the light adjustment button until you reach a more comfortable setting. 

    It's recommended that you start on a low setting and gradually work your way up after several uses.

Contact our Customer Success Team if the above steps do not resolve your visor light issues. or (302) 721-6677 (Mon-Fri 9 AM - 6 PM EST)