How do I play a session using the BrainTap Headset?

To Play A Session On Your BrainTap Headset, Follow The Steps Below:

  1. Turn your BrainTap Headset on using the ON/OFF switch on the top of the right
    earphone. The ON/OFF switch only powers the BrainTap headset you are using; it will
    not start the audio session.
  2.  Connect via Bluetooth per the instructions on the previous page. You do not need to
    use the black stereo cable when paired with Bluetooth.
  3. Within the BrainTap app, select an audio session.
  4. Place the headset on your head and get comfortable.
  5. Download the desired audio session and press play. You may need to adjust sound
    volume or light intensity to your desired levels.
  6. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the session. Remember to use the device with your eyes
    closed in a comfortable environment.
  7. When the session comes to an end, remove the headset. Unplug the audio cord, if
    applicable. Turn the device OFF and store it in the case provided


As a BrainTap customer, you are allowed up to 5 audio sessions each day, per device. You must listen to at least 25% of the audio session for it to count towards your daily max. Devices are limited to two per customer.

Meaning, if you have 2 smart devices (Phone or Tablet) loaded with the BrainTap Pro App, you can listen up to 5 times per day, per device, for a total of 10 sessions per day.