How do I adjust my BrainTap headset for comfort?

This article will outline how you may tailor the BrainTap Headset with the adjustments for the earphones and visor for individual comfort.

To adjust your headset:

  1. Start by sitting or lying in the comfortable position you will use for listening to audio
  2. With the visor up, place the headset on your head and adjust the earphones up or
    down until the earpads fit comfortably over your ears.
  3. Make sure the top of the headset is not sitting too far back or forward on your head.
  4. Lower the visor and retract back or slide the visor forward until the visor rests
    comfortably on your nose as glasses would.
  5. If the visor is too far from your eyes, adjust it closer to ensure you get the intended
    retinal effect

To prevent damage to the visor, do not stretch the headset beyond the width of your
head. Take the headset off in a forward motion using both hands—one on each
earpiece. Do NOT use the visor to remove the headset. Do not attempt to flip the visor
more than 90 degrees. If the headset feels tight to your head, it will eventually loosen
to fit more comfortably. You can expedite the process by resting the headset on a doubled-over pillow when not in use.