What should I know about charging the BrainTap Headset?

This article will outline see key points about charging the BrainTap headset and provide some tips for you.


Before using it for the first time, fully charge your BrainTap Headset. 

Connect the micro USB-C charging cord to the power cube and plug it into a 115-volt power outlet.  The headset comes with a battery charge indicator light located next to the USB port.

AMBER πŸ”Άβ€“ Indicates the battery is low and requires charging

RED πŸ”΄β€“ Indicates the headset is plugged in and charging properly

GREEN πŸ’š – Indicates the device is fully charged and ready to go.

With a full charge, you should get 15-20 audio sessions of playtime between charges. 

Reminder:  This will be less depending on if Bluetooth is being used, the visor light intensity level, and the length of the session.

The device will operate normally during charging but if the device is being used during charging it will take longer to re-charge.  If the device battery is too low, it may not power the lights.  If the indicator light is amber, fully charge the device before using it again.


When not in use be sure to turn the headset to the OFF position. 

If the headset is left on, it will time out after 15 minutes.  If left on for 60 consecutive minutes, whether in use or not, it will automatically time out.

To reset the device after a time out, turn the headset to OFF and then turn ON again. 

Should the reset fail, turn the headset OFF again, unplug any cords, wait 60 seconds and turn ON again.  If the battery is dead, recharge normally after a reset.


Your BrainTap Headset has a replaceable battery, however, replacements must be supplied by the manufacturer.  The use of unauthorized batteries will void your BrainTap Headset warranty.  Please contact BrainTap at support@braintap.com for more information on replacing a BrainTap Headset battery.