How do I get started with my BrainTap Headset?

This article will go over tips and information that may be helpful when getting started with your BrainTap Headset.

Getting Started

  1. Verify BrainTap Headset® is fully charged: Turn headset to the ON position - earphone lights will turn ON at this time and charging indicator light should be OFF.

  2. Connect BrainTap Headset® to your audio device (Smartphone or tablet) via the audio cord (black cord located in the headset case) into the audio port which can be found on the bottom of the right earpiece on the headset.

  3. Login to your BrainTap Pro mobile app and select an audio session of your choice.

  4. Adjust visor lights and volume to a comfortable setting once the audio session has started playing.

The visor lights will not power on unless a BrainTap audio session is playing and the media volume on your device (phone or tablet) is at or above 80%.


Make Sure Your Headset Fits

  1. Visor: Adjust the visor by sliding the pivot points together, which are located on both left and right-hand sides of the headset where the visor connects to the headset.

  2. Earphones: Earphones can be adjusted by carefully sliding the earphone down away from the headband.

  3. Headband: The headband (the portion of the headset that rests on top of the head) is made out of pliable material. This can be bent to loosen the headset, be mindful when adjusting.

Additional Resources

Each BrainTap Headset® comes with a User Manual, which contains instructions, warranty information, and troubleshooting tips. Make sure you check your manual regularly to ensure proper use and care of your headset